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WWE rumors: Kurt Angle could possible head back to the WWE when contract expires

WWE to bring back Kurt Angle if he leaves TNA
WWE to bring back Kurt Angle if he leaves TNA

Kurt Angle is now down to less than one year on his contract with TNA Impact Wrestling and it sounds like it will be his last. PWS reported on Jan. 25 that when Angle's contract expires he is expected to return to the WWE.

He wouldn't be the first to bolt from TNA Impact Wrestling. Matt Morgan turned in his notice and then chose to leave wrestling completely. Hulk Hogan left when his contract expired and headed back to the WWE. He is expected to show back up on WWE television when the WWE Network launches.

After that AJ Styles, a wrestler who has been with TNA Impact Wrestling since they started, was the next to leave after his contract expired. Styles chose to go to Ring of Honor Wrestling when his contract expired rather than take a pay cut. Next up, Jeff Jarrett, the man who founded TNA Impact Wrestling quit as well and is rumored to start up a new promotion.

The next man rumored to leave is Sting, who many in the WWE expect to be joining them in time for "Wrestlemania 30." Now, Kurt Angle is the next to be rumored to leave.

The interesting thing about these WWE rumors is that those inside the WWE don't believe that Angle can pass his physical to wrestle in the WWE. This doesn't make much sense because, for those who watched TNA Impact Wrestling on Thursday night, Angle was healthy enough to hit a moonsault off the top of a steel cage and kept going.

If Undertaker can pass his physical, then there is no reason Angle can't. However, if Angle can't wrestle, the WWE still could use him as a trainer in NXT.

With names like Christopher Daniels and Kaz having their contracts expiring soon as well, it sounds like TNA Impact Wrestling will be almost unrecognizable come the end of 2014, but only men like Kurt Angle and Sting will be welcomed back to the WWE.

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