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WWE rumors: John Cena to turn heel

According to a July 5 post from Bleacher Report, WWE superstar John Cena will finally make a heel turn after over a decade as the promotion's top babyface. However, Cena's first run as a villain will not come under the WWE banner. Cena, 37, is expected to make his heel turn in an upcoming movie role.

WWE star John Cena is expected to make a heel turn in an upcoming movie
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Cena, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, has a small role in the Tiny Fey-Amy Poehler comedy, "The Nest." The movie centers around Fey and Poehler's shenanigans, but Cena is expected to make a cameo. For the first time in his lengthy film career, he's expected to play a bad guy.

Cena is slated to take on an antagonistic role by tormenting Poehler and Fey during the film, in what could be a comedic manner. What does this mean for his WWE career? Not much, unless he comes across as super believable as a villain. WWE higher-ups will definitely watch Cena's acting in the film, and keep a close eye on how fans react to it.

Many WWE fans think Cena should turn heel in the pro wrestling ranks, not just in movie roles. Since Cena is often booed when he enters the ring, many pro wrestling supporters believe the time is right to have him make a heel turn. Cena has been one of the most polarizing figures in the WWE in recent years.

It's very rare for a WWE superstar to remain as a babyface throughout his career. Even WWE legend Hulk Hogan, a babyface for most of his wrestling days, recently came out with the suggestion that Cena should take on a bad guy role, much like the Hollywood Hogan spot that helped extend the Hulkster's career. Hogan thinks Cena could extend his career by a decade if he takes a heel turn under the WWE banner.

How Cena would actually make the heel turn is a conversation for another day. In all likelihood, the WWE would script him to align himself with The Wyatt Family. Since Cena has a lengthy feud with Bray Wyatt, perhaps the way to have him turn heel would be to have him team up with Erick Rowan or Luke Harper. Time will tell how the situation plays out. At the end of the day, WWE head honcho Stephanie McMahon will have the final say on when and if Cena turns heel.

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