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WWE rumors: Hulk Hogan not expected to wrestle at 'Wrestlemania 30'

WWE: Hulk Hogan won't wrestle at Wrestlemania 30
WWE: Hulk Hogan won't wrestle at Wrestlemania 30
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While Hulk Hogan reached a verbal agreement with the WWE in January to return in time for the Road to Wrestlemania, don't expect him to plan on competing in a match. According to Wrestle View on Jan. 26, the WWE chose not to allow him to wrestle or be involved in anything physical after he returns.

This news came after the WWE physicians examined Hogan after he reached his agreement this month. It should come as no surprise, especially with the disastrous hip replacement surgeries that Hogan eventually sued a Florida clinic for.

According to Hogan, his hip grew worse instead of better after the clinic treated him.

However, it still comes as a surprise to hear the WWE is so serious about not letting Hogan get physical in the ring, since it was not long ago that they allowed a 68-year old Dusty Rhodes to get involved in his sons' feud with The Shield. Rumors even had Vince McMahon wanting Rhodes to wrestle in the matches, an idea he later relented on.

Hulk Hogan is eight years younger than Dusty Rhodes.

However, this is the decision the WWE made. There is another option though for "Wrestlemania 30."

It has become clear to Rowdy Roddy Piper that the WWE won't allow the Hogan vs. Piper match that he wanted for "Wrestlemania 30" so now Piper is suggesting a live Piper's Pit at "Wrestlemania 30" with Hogan as the guest and said anyone could come down that wanted to to interrupt the segment. Piper just wants the Piper's Pit to be unscripted between him and Hogan.

Expect Hulk Hogan to return in time for the launch of the WWE Network in February.

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