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WWE rumors: Future plans for The Shield in development

The WWE is seriously working on long term plans in regards to The Shield. Of course, all three men have gone their separate ways, although Dean Ambrose has made it his life’s goal to make Seth Rollin’s life a living hell. Despite this, the biggest goal coming out of the split is to eventually put the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Roman Reigns. According to PWS on Wednesday, the plans are still to have Reigns battle Brock Lesnar at “Wrestlemania 31” and win his first world title.

The Shield, WWE
Photo from WWE Twitter

Ever since they started planning to split up The Shield, the plans have been for Reigns to have his big moment at “Wrestlemania 31.” The idea was to have him beat a major WWE superstar, with Brock Lesnar and The Rock as the two top targets. The Rock has said he would like to work with Reigns, who is his cousin. With his movie schedule, that might not be possible and with Lesnar’s contract ending next year, it could be big for Reigns to beat him.

While Lesnar is not around very often thanks to the limited dates in his contract, he is still one of the biggest names in the WWE today. With him beating The Undertaker at “Wrestlemania 30” and ending the streak, Lesnar is at the top right now. After all the knee jerk reactions to the streak ending, the best thing that can result of that is for a young star to capitalize on it. If Lesnar beats John Cena for the title after losing to Undertaker, he would look unbeatable.

Roman Reigns beating Brock Lesnar at “Wrestlemania 31” would cement his status as a main event superstar in the WWE. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins has the Money in the Bank briefcase and could legitimately hold it until next June. That means that, if Dean Ambrose continues to run in every time he tries to cash it in, Rollins could still have it after Reigns becomes champion and that has a built in storyline.

As for the long term plans for The Shield, it sounds like the WWE has some big ideas. The Shield was the most dominant unit in the WWE for two years. There are reports that the WWE is already considering reuniting The Shield in either late 2015 or early 2016. While this seems strange, the WWE sees reunions as a big deal for fans, such as with Degeneration X in the past.

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