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WWE rumors: Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards not signing with WWE after all

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When Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards got their tryouts in the WWE developmental system, the word came back that they impressed a lot of people and were coming back for an internship that could lead to actual contracts. According to PWS on Jan. 3, that offer has been rescinded because Triple H was not happy with the two when they were in NXT.

Triple H was always down on signing the two because he felt the WWE already had a large number of "normal looking" wrestlers and wants to focus now on signing larger than life superhero looking wrestlers. As a result, the decks were stacked against them from the start.

In their one match in NXT, they were booked to lose to The Ascension. The thought was that it would be a squash and the WWE wanted to see how big indie stars would react to that. From all accounts, they did everything that was asked and had great attitudes which led to their invitation back.

However, new accounts indicate that after Richards was dropped on his head awkwardly by Rick Viktor, Triple H told the ref to get them to end the match, but they went for a little bit longer before ending it. Rumors backstage is that angered Triple H. It was enough for him to ignore men like William Regal, who were fighting for Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

Now, neither men will be invited back. The question now is where they go from here. Davey Richards burned his bridges in Ring of Honor was not even allowed a "final match" there. Eddie Edwards left in style and would be welcomed back. TNA Impact Wrestling has also shown interest in the two and Richards might also have a career in Evolve.