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WWE rumors: Daniel Bryan to miss six more months with injury

At the WWEMoney in the Bank” live kickoff show on the WWE Network, Daniel Bryan came to the ring to do an interview with Michael Cole in front of the loud crowd. The fans were huge into Bryan being there and popped loud. However, Bryan then dropped a pretty disappointing announcement when he told the fans that he was going to need a second surgery. That turned out to be a legitimate announcement and the announcers confirmed it Monday night on this week's "WWE Monday Night Raw."

Daniel Bryan WWE injury update
Daniel Bryan WWE injury update
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images
WWE: Daniel Bryan injury
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Bryan was supposed to gain the strength back in his arms after his neck surgery. However, his arm strength is actually worse after the surgery than it was before he underwent the surgery. Even the physical therapy he is undergoing is not helping increase the strength in his arms. This is concerning doctors and it looks like Bryan could need a second surgery to try to regain his strength and get back to full health.

The original timetable had Bryan coming back by “Summerslam” in August at the latest. The new prognosis is that a second surgery could keep Bryan out for up to six months. That means that Bryan might not be back until December, or just in time for the “Royal Rumble” in January. Honestly, that could be a huge return if Bryan came back at the “Royal Rumble.” He could get the John Cena pop when he returned from his injury or, if fans are expecting Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble match, a reaction akin to Batista this year.

From the sound of the crowd at WWE “Money in the Bank” last night, fans won’t forget Daniel Bryan very soon even if they are wanting Roman Reigns to go over in the match. At this point, there are strong WWE rumors that Bryan won’t get pushed back into the world title scene when he returns. The WWE has no choice but to keep him in the main event scene, but word is that the WWE feels that Bryan let them down just when they needed him the most. Fair or not, that is how the WWE runs.

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