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WWE rumors: Daniel Bryan face turn rushed because of Michigan State Spartans

WWE: Daniel Bryan face turn rushed thanks to Michigan State
WWE: Daniel Bryan face turn rushed thanks to Michigan State

When Daniel Bryan joined The Wyatt Family, fans seemed unsure of how to react to the change. Many fans stopped reacting at all, and that was why it seemed the WWE changed their minds on the heel turn and flipped him back. However, PWS reported on Jan. 19 that the reason the WWE changed him back so soon had to go with the Michigan State Spartans college basketball team.

The original plan was for Daniel Bryan to remain a member of The Wyatt Family for a few months, which might have made his eventual face turn a huge moment. There were two modes of thought when it came to turning Bryan face.

The first idea was that the WWE would change Bryan back into a face at the "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view in February and then he would fight Bray Wyatt at "Wrestlemania 30." The second idea was that they would keep him a heel until "Wrestlemania" and then have him turn on Bray Wyatt at "Wrestlemania 30," getting him a giant face pop at the biggest event of the year.

However, a Michigan State Spartans college basketball game reportedly embarrassed the WWE when a halftime show honoring the football team saw the crowd break out in a "Yes" chant, the popular Daniel Bryan catchphrase. The moment spread through sports television on ESPN and the video went viral on the Internet.

This happened just a short time after the WWE turned Daniel Bryan a heel and they then quickly changed the direction, cancelled the longer term plans, and made him a face again. Now, the WWE rumors indicate that the WWE will try to set a world record on the total number of people chanting "Yes" at "Wrestlemania 30" this year.