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WWE rumors: Damien Sandow to appear as CM Punk or Sting at upcoming house show

According to a July 8 report from the Benton Evening News, Damien Sandow's new gimmick of acting as a different character each night has gained him thousands of new fans and plenty of respect from WWE higher-ups. Sandow, 31, was once considered a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion contender, especially after winning the ladder match at last year's Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Damien Sandow is expected to appear as CM Punk at an upcoming WWE house show
Photo by Frazer Harrison

Flash forward to 2014 and Sandow now seems to be nowhere near title contention. However, he has been getting over in a big way with WWE fans, even since embracing his new gimmick. Sandow was formerly a heel character, toiling away in mid-card obscurity. He was teammates with Cody Rhodes under the Team Rhodes Scholars name, but their split turned out great for all parties involved. Sandow went on to become a bit of a bust as a singles star, before changing his gimmick to the ever-changing character role he's currently promoting.

As for Rhodes, he went on to change his character to Stardust for a tag-team gimmick with Goldust. The Sandow vs. Rhodes rivalry may have cooled off since their split, but the former Mr. Money in the Bank has become more popular than ever before for accepting a role that not many other WWE superstars would enjoy. Besides Santino Marella and El Torito, Sandow is essentially the WWE's only other character who promotes a comedic gimmick.

Every time Sandow walks out to the ring, he puts on a different persona. When the WWE came to Washington, D.C., Sandow came out to the ring dressed as Abe Lincoln. When the WWE came to Montreal, Sandow dressed and acted like Bret Hart, while "The Hitman" himself was in the ring. Sandow also trolled the crowd by walking out to the ring pretending to be WWE boss Vince McMahon.

In the weeks ahead, Sandow is expected to portray CM Punk, Sting or possibly even both. The WWE could troll the crowd by playing Punk's music, and then have Sandow walk out instead. Since Punk has been heavily rumored to be returning to the WWE sometime soon, having Sandow dress as him would be great for business. WWE Universe would certainly appreciate the gesture. The same goes for Sting, as the former TNA legend has been rumored to be making a cameo at an upcoming WWE house show. WWE fans can tune in to next week's Monday Night Raw to see how the promotion plays it.

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