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WWE rumors: CM Punk WWE departure is legitimate but talks continue

WWE: CM Punk departure NOT a work
WWE: CM Punk departure NOT a work

Despite what some would have you believe, the news of CM Punk leaving the WWE is not a work, although talks between the two sides are still ongoing. According to PWS on Jan. 31, Punk has legitimately walked out on the company and Vince McMahon is now who is working on trying to convince him to return.

When big backstage professional wrestling turmoil happens, there are always people who like to make speculative guesses, and even some who pretend to have sources to seem more reliable. Last year, unnamed sources claimed Sting had signed with the WWE to compete at "Wrestlemania 29," something that never happened. Sources claimed that Hulk Hogan reached a verbal agreement with the WWE last year, which never happened until January of this year.

The CM Punk speculation is the same. Sources who have actual contacts in the WWE, such as PWS and, indicate that this is legitimate and there are people in the WWE who are in disagreement on how to handle the situation.

Things have gone so far now that the WWE has officially pulled CM Punk from the WWE AXXESS event before "Wrestlemania 30" and replaced him with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

There is still a chance that CM Punk could return to the WWE, as Vince McMahon has taken over the situation after Triple H expressed his distaste for the way CM Punk walked out. If CM Punk returns, there are some that might claim they were right about the reality of the situation, but according to those in the know, Punk has legitimately left the WWE for now.