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WWE rumors: CM Punk wanted to turn heel before leaving company

WWE: New reasons why CM Punk quit
WWE: New reasons why CM Punk quit

There were a lot of reasons that CM Punk had for leaving the WWE, but two new reasons have popped up that explains a lot of Punk's frustration with the company. According to on Feb. 1, Punk had concerns about his pay rate and also wanted to turn heel to help his push towards the end.

According to the report, Punk felt he wasn't compensated fairly in the past and the WWE Network had him nervous. While most people were talking the company line when asked about the WWE Network, CM Punk was honest and asked how it could impact the pay-per-view pay since all subscribers would only pay $9.95 a month and get the PPV, making it impossible to know how much the individual PPVs would bring in.

While money played a part, it was still his standing within the company that bothered CM Punk the most. While the news of him being discouraged by Batista being handed the "Wrestlemania 30" main event over guys who worked there on a regular basis, there is more to it than that.

CM Punk felt he was never used as the face of the company during his record breaking WWE title reign and was always seen below a guy like John Cena. He wanted the chance to run with the ball, but feels he was never pushed as the top guy even during his title reign.

CM Punk was pushing at the end to become a heel because he felt that, while John Cena could still be the number one guy, he could at least be the number one heel at the same time.

There are some within the WWE who feel this is a work, but most feel that the departure is legitimate. Among those people, the response has been polarizing, with many siding with CM Punk and others feeling he shouldn't have walked out without being written out by the WWE.

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