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WWE rumors: CM Punk walks out on the WWE after the 'Royal Rumble'

WWE: CM Punk quits WWE
WWE: CM Punk quits WWE

The night after the WWE "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view, CM Punk met with WWE officials and then went home. According to on Jan. 29, the WWE has now pulled Punk from all advertising for live events going forward. This puts Punk's rumored "Wrestlemania 30" match with Triple H in danger.

CM Punk almost quit the WWE when his contract expired three years ago. However, he had the legendary "pipe bomb" incident and the WWE not only brought him back but gave him the WWE Championship, which he held for a modern day record length of time.

The CM Punk contract ends in July of this year, and Punk had made comments about not knowing if he was going to return or not. He did say it was not like it was three years ago, because this year he wasn't sure of his future.

However, Punk has said in recent interviews that he was tired and injured and hadn't taken hardly any time off from the WWE in 10 years, something he said no one else in the WWE had done. He said when he took a couple of months off last year after "Wrestlemania 29," it wasn't enough time to let him heal mentally and physically.

At the "Royal Rumble" PPV, Punk was the first man in the match and lasted a very long time. However, it should be pointed out that he remained in the corner of the ring for a long period of time, out of action, and just resting. It seemed strange, but with CM Punk meeting with officials on Monday night, there might be more to it than expected.

According to TMZ, CM Punk wanted one "Wrestlemania" moment before he retired and when he learned Batista was headlining the event, he was "livid." CM Punk felt the WWE match with Triple H wasn't good enough and felt he had enough, quitting the company.

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