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WWE rumors: CM Punk departure WWE company to distance itself from star

WWE distancing themselves from CM Punk
WWE distancing themselves from CM Punk

After CM Punk walked out on the WWE the night after the Royal Rumble event, the thought was that Vince McMahon would talk to CM Punk about their situation and get him back in the company soon. According to on March 21, the WWE is distancing itself from CM Punk now and it looks like he won't be back.

This movement has been done in a number of ways.

First of all, there was some animated projects that CM Punk was involved with that has either changed or the promotions have dramatically changed surrounding them. The WWE Scooby Doo movie collaboration has CM Punk in it, but nothing they have done promoting the movie recently has mentioned Punk in the advertisements.

CM Punk was also supposed to star in a WWE Flinstones movie, but the script was re-written to eliminated Punk and replace him with Rey Mysterio in the lead role instead. This might mean that Mysterio won't be leaving when his WWE contract expires as originally thought.

Finally, the "Camp WWE" Internet cartoons were completed and CM Punk is part of those, but just like the WWE Scooby Doo movie, Punk is not mentioned in the promotions of the cartoons.

CM Punk has also been removed from all promotional videos that play at house shows and TV tapings and when Paul Heyman cut a promo about the Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar match and mentioned all the people that the two fought, CM Punk's footage against Undertaker and Lesnar were both omitted.

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