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WWE rumors: Chris Jericho return to be for up to three months

WWE rumors: Chris Jericho length of return
WWE rumors: Chris Jericho length of return
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The Chris Jericho WWE return was spoiled when he was spotted backstage at “WWE Monday Night Raw” before the show went on the air. However, the WWE did a nice job of setting up his return by having The Miz make his return instead, making it look like he was the big surprise the WWE was talking about. PWS reported on Tuesday that Jericho’s return isn’t a one-and-done and he may be back for up to three months.

The segment started when The Miz came out to a new entrance video that looked like when The Rock turned bad and went Hollywood. He then cut a promo, calling himself a major movie star but said he won’t leave until the WWE fans are begging him to stay. He was getting both nice heel heat as well as boos from people who wanted the surprise to be Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho.

When Jericho’s music started, the fans went nuts. He took out The Miz and started to talk about being back when The Wyatt Family showed up in the ring after a blackout and beat Jericho down. It looked like they might be setting up a Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho feud, which is great because it could give Wyatt a feud he can win that won’t hurt anyone. Jericho has always been willing to put over young talent.

Now, it looks like he will be back for awhile. There is a rumored Jericho vs. Wyatt match rumored for either “Battleground” or “Summerslam.” It might be smart to start off with The Miz vs. Chris Jericho at “Battleground” and then lead to the “Summerslam” match with Wyatt since that is when a lot of people need to be convinced to renew their WWE Network subscriptions.

The news is that Jericho will be around until “Night of Champions” in September, which is another strong way to get more people to renew to the WWE Network. Based on the reaction he got on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” he might be the key to keeping fans interested. With the new Fozzy album coming out this month, Chris Jericho will likely head out on tour after WWE “Night of Champions.”