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WWE rumors: Cesaro push killed because of Roman Reigns

WWE: Cesaro push killed because of Roman Reigns
WWE: Cesaro push killed because of Roman Reigns
Photo from WWE Twitter

There were a lot of expectations that when Brock Lesnar returned, the WWE would use Cesaro’s relationship with Paul Heyman to push him to the main event scene. They would do this by having him work with Lesnar and let the rub make him a major face in the company. According to PWS on Wednesday, that has changed and the reason is because of Roman Reigns.

The problem here is that the WWE chose to push Reigns hard to the top since Daniel Bryan is out with an injury until 2015. The Reigns push was originally slated to be a slow build to “Wrestlemania 31.” The idea was to have him face Randy Orton and Triple H but have the push slow and steady to cause a huge anticipation when the “Royal Rumble” arrived in 2015. The injury to Bryan has caused them to push him to the sky right now.

This shouldn’t affect anyone, but the WWE seems to just want to work on building one face at a time. While Reigns is getting all the attention on becoming a major star, the WWE has cancelled Cesaro’s face push for now so one major rising face doesn’t diminish the rise of another. With Reigns headed up so fast, the WWE chose to not only keep Cesaro a heel for now, but they took Paul Heyman away from him on “WWE Monday Night Raw” this week.

This will likely kill the expected feud with Brock Lesnar, who is supposed to come back this weekend at “Battleground” or the next night on “WWE Monday Night Raw.” Lesnar will face John Cena at “Summerslam,” and that match is expected to be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. They will then likely face again at “Night of Champions” in September. Meanwhile, Cesaro has been de-pushed and the WWE still plans to make him a major face, but will wait until they need him instead of doing it now.