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WWE rumors: Brock Lesnar WWE return to come as soon as ‘Battleground’

On “WWE Monday Night Raw” on Monday night, Paul Heyman did not come to the ring with Cesaro. The announcers mentioned that they heard that Heyman quit or was fired before the show started. However, Heyman appeared after that in a backstage segment with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon where he offered a Plan C if they needed help getting the title off of John Cena, and that plan should involve the Brock Lesnar WWE return.

WWE: Brock Lesnar WWE return to come as soon as ‘Battleground’
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

It is now being reported that the reason they had Paul Heyman not accompany Cesaro to the ring was because they wanted to move him back to Brock Lesnar full time. The idea right now is that Cena will retain his title at “WWE Battleground,” probably beating someone like Kane. With The Authority calling Kane their pawn on this week’s “WWE Monday Night Raw,” it looks like they may be turning Kane good again soon.

The idea right now is for Randy Orton to fight Roman Reigns at “Summerslam” and the hints were dropped last night that Orton and Kane might end up feuding after that. However, when it comes to John Cena the original promotional posters for “Summerslam” indicates that he will fight Brock Lesnar. That will mean that the WWE will start to set that battle up either at “WWE Battleground” or the next night on “WWE Monday Night Raw.”

The WWE needs a huge push right now for the WWE Network since the original six-month subscriptions ends right after “Summerslam.” The idea now is for Triple H to fight Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho to possibly have his rubber match against Bray Wyatt and the John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar rematch. If that isn’t enough to get people to sign up for the WWE Network, the WWE might be in trouble.

For now, what is evident is that the WWE is planning something for Paul Heyman. With him moving away from Cesaro, it looks like the WWE is planning something big. That should end up being the Brock Lesnar WWE return, and it will happen either at “WWE Battleground” or the next night on “WWE Monday Night Raw” as the next WWE title match is set up.

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