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WWE rumors: Brock Lesnar making WWE return on ‘Raw’

WWE: Brock Lesnar making WWE return on ‘Raw’
WWE: Brock Lesnar making WWE return on ‘Raw’
Photo from WWE Twitter

Brock Lesnar will officially make his WWE return on “WWE Monday Night Raw” tonight and make his challenge for John Cena’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The hints first came on Sunday night when Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman tweeted a photo of himself on an airplane, saying he was heading to pick up Plan C. That refers to the results of the title match at “WWE Battleground” and The Authority trying to get the world title off of Cena.

Plan A was the fatal four way that took place at “WWE Battleground.” That match saw John Cena defend his title against Randy Orton and Kane of The Authority, as well as Roman Reigns. The rules of the match stated that the winner would be the first person to pick up a pin or submission win, even if the champion was not the person who lost. That didn’t matter because John Cena won and retained his WWE title.

Plan B referred to the Money in the Bank briefcase. Seth Rollins, the former leader of The Shield who is now sided with The Authority, holds that briefcase which allows him to cash in at any time and get a world title opportunity. That didn’t come through at “WWE Battleground” either. Dean Ambrose attacked him early on the card and then attacked him again in the parking garage, causing Rollins to jump in his car and leave.

Paul Heyman came out on “WWE Monday Night Raw” last week and mentioned a Plan C. Most people realize that this means Brock Lesnar, especially since the “Summerslam” poster leaked early with John Cena and Brock Lesnar both on the poster. It appears that Cena vs. Lesnar will happen, and this will be Lesnar’s first match in the WWE since he ended the Undertaker’s streak at “Wrestlemania 30.” WWE rumors indicate that Lesnar is on his way to Miami and “WWE Monday Night Raw” and will definitely appear tonight.