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WWE rumors: Brock Lesnar headed to 'Summerslam' for title match

Originally, the WWE rumors for “Summerslam” saw Daniel Bryan heading into the summer event as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and then losing the title to Brock Lesnar at the event. This was the next step in the plan for Lesnar after ending The Undertaker’s streak. However, PWS reported on Wednesday that Bryan won’t be the champion heading in because he may not even be back by that time.

Brock Lesnar WWE return
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images
Brock Lesnar, WWE
Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

There were some WWE rumors a couple of weeks ago that made it sound like Bryan would win the title back as soon as he returned to continue the planned “Summerslam” angle. There were also rumors that Cesaro would win the Money in the Bank briefcase and end up feuding with Lesnar, maybe even winning the title from Lesnar by cashing it in to cement his status as a top tier face.

Now, Cesaro is in the actual WWE World Championship ladder match at the “Money in the Bank” pay-per-view. While it looks like Roman Reigns has the momentum heading in, there is a good chance this is a red herring and that someone will screw him out of winning the title. The WWE rumors indicate that he is earmarked for the title but they want to wait until “Wrestlemania 31” and have him win it on the big stage.

There are still plans for Lesnar to win the title at “Summerslam,” but it looks like it will be against possibly John Cena if he takes the title. There is still a chance that Cesaro wins the title, but losing it two months later to Lesnar could possibly cause more damage than good for Cesaro’s future. Cena is the safest bet to win the title and not hurt his push if he loses it two months later.

That leaves the Money in the Bank briefcase match up in the air. Right now, Seth Rollins is the first man in the match, but no other names have been mentioned. The plans right now are for Roman Reigns to fight a major name at “Wrestlemania 31” for the title. Unless they plan on having the briefcase winner fail again, they might push the cash in until closer to next year unless they plan to hot shot the title between “Summerslam” and “Wrestlemania.”

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