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WWE rumors: Brock Lesnar booking for next year’s Wrestlemania

WWE: Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 31 plans
WWE: Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 31 plans

Brock Lesnar works in the WWE on a limited deal, where he only shows up for a handful of events every year. At this year’s “Wrestlemania 30,” he shocked the WWE Universe when he ended the Undertaker streak, something no one thought would ever happen. According to on Saturday, the plans are now being discussed about Brock Lesnar’s “Wrestlemania 31” opponent.

Originally, Lesnar wasn’t even supposed to battle Undertaker at this year’s event. Following “Wrestlemania 29,” Lesnar and The Rock were supposed to have a backstage confrontation. However, after The Rock left that Wrestlemania event injured, he excused himself from the WWE and went home. That meant that a new opponent had to be found, and the biggest upset in WWE history took place.

With that huge win, the WWE now needs to figure out how to make it actually mean something. There is a good chance that Brock Lesnar won’t be back after “Wrestlemania 31,” so making this Undertaker streak victory mean something will require careful planning. Out of the two options the WWE is considering right now, one of those could make a new star.

The first idea was to reignite the original plans for a Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock match at “Wrestlemania 31.” While that might be something the fans would like to see, it isn’t the best plan. The only real storyline with that match is that Lesnar beat The Rock for the world title when Rock left the WWE for Hollywood. The Rock could send Lesnar on his way as well.

However, the second idea is much better. At “Wrestlemania 30,” another surprise came in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal when Cesaro picked up Big Show and threw him out of the ring. It was a big surprise because Cesaro wasn’t even scheduled to be in the match and had just wrestled in a tag team title match on the pre-show. However, he showed up and won the battle royal with a feat of superhuman strength.

The next night on “WWE Monday Night Raw,” Cesaro fired Zeb Colter and signed Paul Heyman as his manager. Heyman is also Brock Lesnar’s manager. Since Cesaro is full time and Lesnar is part time, they could avoid each other for much of the year, but then end up at odds heading into “Wrestlemania 31.” If Cesaro can beat Brock Lesnar, one year after Lesnar ended the Undertaker streak, he would become a main event player.

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