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WWE rumors: Brie Bella might be legitimately leaving WWE

Brie Bella, WWE
Brie Bella, WWE
Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

On WWE Payback on Sunday night, Stephanie McMahon ordered Daniel Bryan to show up and surrender his WWE world championship. McMahon informed Bryan that, if he didn’t give up his title, then she would fire his wife Brie Bella. However, things went wrong when they met in the ring because Brie Bella told McMahon that she quit. According to PWS, this might be a way to write Bella off of television.

Of course, the WWE won’t let Brie Bella leave, as it was her and her sister Nikki Bella who are the foundation of the “Total Divas” television series. However, there is word that Brie Bella is ready to start a family with her new husband. That means that wrestling in the WWE might not be viable for Bella if she plans to get pregnant soon.

The actual promo was amazing. McMahon came to the ring and was her usual arrogant self when she called out Daniel Bryan. When Bryan came out to the ring, he brought Brie Bella with him. After they got to the ring, Bryan asked Stephanie to do the right thing, but she was adamant that Bryan give up his title. That didn’t happen.

What resulted next was the “slap heard around the world.” Brie Bella stopped Daniel Bryan from giving up his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie said that she had no choice, but before she could fire Bella, Brie shut her up and said “I quit.” Stephanie laughed at her for quitting so Brie Bella slapped the taste out of McMahon’s mouth.

As Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan celebrated with a Yes Chant, Stephanie McMahon ran to the back in shock, almost in tears. After WWE Payback went off the air, Brie Bella went to Instagram. She said that she hated to have to quit, but it was worth it to finally strike Stephanie McMahon across the face.