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WWE rumors: Bray Wyatt to start feuding for U.S. title soon

WWE rumors: Bray Wyatt to start feuding for U.S. title soon
WWE rumors: Bray Wyatt to start feuding for U.S. title soon
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Bray Wyatt is currently involved in a big feud with Chris Jericho in the WWE right now. This would be Wyatt’s third high profile feud in a row, following Daniel Bryan and John Cena. According to 411mania on Friday, it sounds like the WWE already has Wyatt’s next rival planned out already and that looks to be Sheamus.

The way that the WWE handles their major feuds is to have the wrestlers work together on non-televised house shows leading up to and during the feud to work on their timing and plan out any spots they plan to use on televised and pay-per-view matches. An example is that Bray Wyatt and John Cena fought extensively on the house show circuit despite the WWE never letting television audiences know that they wrestled.

This allowed Cena and Wyatt to be prepared for the three pay-per-view matches they had, starting with “Wrestlemania 30.” Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho have done the same over the past month as they prepare for their third meeting in a row on a pay-per-view at September’s “Night of Champions.” However, that is Jericho’s final night with the WWE before he goes on tour with his hand Fozzy once again. After that, Wyatt needs new competition.

There are a number of WWE live events scheduled after “Night of Champions” that are advertising Bray Wyatt fighting Sheamus. This makes it sound like the next feud for Wyatt after that pay-per-view will be against the United States Champion. There is a chance Sheamus is not the champion anymore after that, because all the titles are supposed to be on the line at that pay-per-view, but it looks like Bray Wyatt may be getting a shot at a major WWE title once he is finished with his feud with Chris Jericho.