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WWE rumors: Bill Goldberg WWE return almost happened at 'Wrestlemania 30'

WWE rumors: Goldberg WWE return
Photo by Innocenzo Jimmy Ciorra / Flickr Commons

In some very interesting WWE rumors, Bill Golberg mentioned that meetings took place between him and Triple H before “Wrestlemania 30.” Goldberg said that the meetings were about a potential return to the WWE. According to PWS on Monday, the Bill Goldberg WWE discussions were just general and nothing came from them.

There had been a lot of WWE rumors over the past year that a Goldberg vs. Ryback match might be a possibility. The fans, during Ryback’s matches, normally chanted Goldberg’s name. While it was a smattering of chants at first, they got louder and louder. Ryback finally struck back on Twitter, showing that the continued comparisons were starting to get to him.

One thought was that Ryback and Goldberg could have a match to help put Ryback over. These WWE rumors quieted down when Ryback started having backstage problems. There has been a lot of talk about him having a poor work ethic as well as an inflated ego. He went from being a main event star to someone who was in low-mid card feuds, losing more often than not.

Ryback has finally started to get back over in his tag team with Curtis Axel. However, when asked about the match, Goldberg never said that Ryback was to be his possible opponent. Goldberg simple said that now was not the right time for him to return to the WWE.

According to Goldberg, he said he would love for his wife and son to see him wrestle, since neither had seen it live before. However, he said he would have to be physically ready to do it and it had to be the right situation. He said that if those stipulations were met, he could have returned for “Wrestlemania 30.”

Goldberg finally said that the WWE situation has to be right, or else he is retired for good. From his words, it sounds like he would be willing to come back if the situation was right. Whether that is based on the story or the money offered to him is another story.

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