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WWE rumors: Bella Twins feud proves ‘Total Divas’ is fake

WWE rumors: Bella Twins feud proves ‘Total Divas’ is fake
WWE rumors: Bella Twins feud proves ‘Total Divas’ is fake
Photo by Ben Gabbe

Everyone knows that the WWE is scripted television with athletes portraying bad guys and good guys and battling in feuds that have predetermined endings. However, when the E! reality series “Total Divas” started, it was promoted as a real life look at the turmoil of the women wrestlers as they tried to make their mark in the male dominated business. However, F4WOnline reported on Wednesday that the recent feud between the Bella Twins was created to have them also feud on the “Total Divas” show.

Most fans know that, while Nikki Bella and Brie Bella are feuding in the WWE, that is all scripted and the two remain close sisters in real life. However, the fact that the “Total Divas” show asked for them to feud so they can show their drama on the reality series proves that the reality series is very unrealistic.

“Total Divas” has shown a lot of real life segments on the show since its inception. The relationship between The Funkadactyls Naomi and Jimmy Uso was shown on the show while never acknowledged in the WWE. The relationship between Natalya and Tyson Kidd was displayed on the show and integrated into television and their marriage was shown on the series. The wedding of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan was also shown.

However, with the recent news that the Bella Twins feud was set up to add drama to “Total Divas” makes everything that came before seem unreliable. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who questions the reality of shows like those surrounding the Kardashians, and it might give more ammo to people who dismiss professional wrestling. However, if the “Total Divas” show adds elements of fiction openly, it may erase the interest in seeing a show about the behind the scenes dealings in the WWE.