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WWE rumors: Batista leaving WWE sooner than expected

Batista leaving WWE sooner than expected
Batista leaving WWE sooner than expected
Batista / Twitter

When Batista make his WWE return, the deal was for two years and he would get time off to promote his upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie in August. However, his departure will come much sooner than that. According to WrestleView on Saturday, Batista is leaving the WWE after next week’s television shows.

Batista said he originally left the WWE because he didn’t like the direction the company was going compared to what it was when he was a fan. He returned, and while the WWE hoped he would get a hero’s welcome, things went bad quickly. Fans did cheer him when he returned, but when Batista won the Royal Rumble match to earn the main event spot at “Wrestlemania 30,” the fans turned on him.

The WWE had no choice but to turn Batista heel, but that didn’t seem to matter because fans were still not giving him a reaction. After Batista tapped out to Daniel Bryan at “Wrestlemania 30,” the response warmed slightly, but even with the giant war between the newly reformed Evolution and The Shield, he is not getting the response that anyone expected when he made his return.

When Batista leaves the WWE after next week, he will start his promotion for “Guardians of the Galaxy” two months before the film’s release. This Sunday, Batista will team with Randy Orton and Triple H to face The Shield in a six-man tag team match. There were thoughts the feud between The Shield and Evolution could continue through the summer, but next week’s “WWE Smackdown” is Batista’s final scheduled appearance.

It appears that the reason that Batista is leaving the WWE now is because he rejected the storyline plans for him. The WWE wanted Batista to feud with Daniel Bryan after “Extreme Rules” and have a WWE World Championship match at June’s “WWE Payback” special event. Batista felt that tapping out to Daniel Bryan at “Wrestlemania 30” and then losing again – to a small wrestler – would make him look weak heading into “Guardians of the Galaxy” so he chose to leave the WWE now.