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WWE rumors; Another WWE star rumored to be leaving

WWE: Alberto del Rio considering retirement
WWE: Alberto del Rio considering retirement

CM Punk had said long ago that he would retire sooner than people might have expected and when he walked out on the company last week, it seemed the time had come. Now, PWS reported on Feb. 5, that another star who said he was considering an early retirement might be leaving when his contract expires as well.

Alberto Del Rio, who turns 37 this year, has said for awhile that he wants to retire while he is still relatively young. Now, word comes that he is frustrated with his position in the WWE since he was a world champion last year but now is looking at being nothing more than a stepping stone for the returning Batista.

Even before Batista returned, Del Rio was starting to stagnate. Since he beat Dolph Ziggler for the world title last year, fans weren't really reacting to him at all. As one of the biggest villains on "Smackdown," fans just didn't seem to care enough to really boo him when he came out to the ring.

He lost his world title to John Cena and then was pushed down the card, into what looked like a never ending feud with fellow Latino superstar Sin Cara. What looked like a new feud with Rey Mysterio was shelved when Batista came back and now he is working an angle that is just a stop gap between the "Royal Rumble" and "Wrestlemania 30," where Batista will get a WWE title match and Del Rio isn't even in the picture.

Alberto Del Rio, the nephew of Mil Mascaras, had a long, successful career in Mexico before ever signing with the WWE, so retirement wouldn't be out of the norm for the veteran wrestler.