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WWE rumors: Another top talent considering leaving the WWE

WWE rumors: Christian contemplating leaving WWE
WWE rumors: Christian contemplating leaving WWE

It was reported last week that Alberto Del Rio was strongly considering leaving the WWE when his current contract comes to an end. Now, PWS reported on Feb. 13 that Christian might be leaving the WWE as well.

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Christian hasn't done much since coming back to the WWE. The last time he was really relevant was when he won the world championship in the name of Edge, who had to retire early due to a severe neck injury. Since then, Christian has been in forgettable feuds and has suffered injuries of his own.

Christian suffered a concussion last year, but was cleared to return in December. Despite that, he was kept on the shelf until the last few weeks when he returned and was added to the WWE World Championship Elimination Chamber match. Even then, WWE rumors indicated that the company wouldn't mind swapping him out with someone "more important."

The disrespect shown Christian is no surprise. Early in his career, Vince McMahon allegedly wanted to have Christian wrestle with a giant dot superimposed over his face since McMahon felt he was ugly and looked too much like a rat.

Despite that, Christian ended up as a two-time world champion and a multiple-time tag team champion with Edge. Christian is now 40, and with the injuries wracking up, he might be considering just calling it quits on his career when his WWE contract expires.