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WWE rumors: 5 wrestlers that will lead the company in the future

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There is always talk among fans about when the next generation of WWE stars will start to rise to the top of the company. According to on March 13, an internal WWE list was made that lists the five stars that the WWE wants to run with following “Wrestlemania 30.”

The five names on the list are, in this order, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Roman Reigns.

This carries a couple of big surprises. First of all, Batista has been rumored to win the WWE world title at “Wrestlemania 30,” but since his name is not on this list, it is possible to assume that either Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton will leave the event as the champion.

John Cena’s name on the list is no surprise since he is still the biggest name on the roster. There is some concern about the Bray Wyatt match, because “Wrestlemania 30” and John Cena were supposed to be a way to push Wyatt up the ladder in the WWE. However, Wyatt is not on the list but Roman Reigns is.

Reigns being on the list either points to the end of The Shield or to Reigns taking more control of the faction. The big surprise here is Sheamus being in the top five. Fans haven’t really cared about Sheamus in awhile, so the WWE will have to work hard to make him relevant again.