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WWE 'Royal Rumble' results, recap: Who is heading to 'WrestleMania'

WWE "Royal Rumble" 2014
WWE "Royal Rumble" 2014

Aside from "WrestleMania," the WWE "Royal Rumble" is usually the pay-per-view that so many fans look forward to every single year. On Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, WWE once again put on the show that begins the "road to WrestleMania," and it certainly did not disappoint.

"The Animal" just returned and he's already won the "Royal Rumble."

For those that have not yet seen the show and don't want to know the results, then stop reading now. Below is a full WWE "Royal Rumble" recap and all of the results from the night.

~ The New Age Outlaws defeated The Brotherhood to win their sixth WWE tag team championship. This was a really good match for the kickoff show. Many thought this may happen as a rumored Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust feud has been talked about, but there was no dissension shown.

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After Goldust was handled by NAO for the majority of the match, Cody came in and took them out. He even hit the Cross-Rhodes on Road Dogg, but it was broken up by Billy Gunn. A blind tag made by Gunn allowed him to hit the Fameasser for the win.

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~ Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan in an absolutely phenomenal match to officially open the show. The crowd was absolutely insane for Bryan and the match went back and forth a number of times. bryan had the upper-hand before Wyatt fought back before Bryan made the comeback and the crowd went nuts again.

Near the end of the match, Wyatt took a break outside and Bryan did a suicide dive to the outside. Somehow, Wyatt caught him with the Sister Abigail into the barricade. Wyatt dragged him back in the ring, hit another one, and scored the pin.

~ Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show in an totally brutal match. Before the bell rings, Lesnar destroys Show with a chair. Finally, the ref signals for the bell to start the match and Big Show hits Lesnar with the Knockout Punch right away. Lesnar doesn't get knocked out and gets thrown around for a while.

Lesnar avoids another big punch and picks up Show onto his shoulders. Lesnar runs around the ring with Big Show on his shoulders in an amazing show of strength and then hits the F-5 for the win. After the match, Lesnar nailed Show 20 times with four different chairs.

~ The Shield says they will stand united in the rumble match, but won't share their numbers with each other. Randy Orton then says he is the face of WWE and he'll beat John Cena later.

~ Randy Orton defeated John Cena to keep the title. This was actually much better match than anyone expected, but the crowd was having none of it. During the match, they repeatedly chanted for Daniel Bryan, chanted for the Divas, and even chanted "This is awful." It wasn't that bad.

Making things even more interesting was that Orton locked in Cena's STF and even hit Cena with an Attitude Adjustment. Later, Cena hit Orton with an RKO, but both kicked out of their own finishers. Finally, the lights go out and Bray Wyatt is on the apron when they come back up. Cena swings and misses, and this allows Orton to hit an RKO and retain.

After the match, all the Wyatts beat Down Cena. Harper kicks him in the face before Bray Wyatt hits Sister Abigail and they walk out.

~ When it came time for the rumble match, and CM Punk was first as expected. Seth Rollins from The Shield was the second in the ring. From there, the ring started to fill up with some announced picks and some surprises as well.

Some of the surprises were John Bradshaw Layfield and Kevin Nash. There were not a lot of big names returning, but some really cool spots. Kofi Kingston once again thrilled the crowd before being eliminated, and The Shield dominated for a long time.

When Rey Mysterio came out at number 30 and there was a very unhappy reaction from the crowd that Daniel Bryan wasn't in it. Luckily, he was eliminated quickly and then CM Punk had lasted until the final four, but Kane eliminated him from the outside and then chokeslammed him through the Spanish announce table.

The final three were Sheamus, Batista, and Roman Reigns. The Shield enforcer eliminated Sheamus to break Kane's elimination record. He was then speared hard by Batista. Reigns was eliminated by Batista, who won the rumble to a loud chorus of boos.

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