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WWE 'Royal Rumble': Full order of entry, elimination from the rumble match

WWE "Royal Rumble" 2014
WWE "Royal Rumble" 2014

The evening of Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014, brought forth the WWE "Royal Rumble" and it's always one of the biggest events of the year. 30 superstars enter into the ring for a shot at competing for the title and headlining "WrestleMania." There were expected participants, faces from the past, and some big-time surprises so here is a full list and the order of entry and elimination.

The full order of entry and elimination for the WWE "Royal Rumble" 2014.

Earlier on in the night, there were four great matches that start the night off well. In the kickoff show, the New Age Outlaws defeated The Brotherhood for their sixth tag title championship. It had been 14 years since the NAO last won the titles.

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Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan in an incredible match that officially started the pay-per-view. From there, Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show, and then Randy Orton retained his WWE World Heavyweight title by defeating John Cena.

At that point, it was time for the big 30-superstar rumble match, and it was a good one. As said before, there were some big surprises and a number of great spots as well. Below is the full list and order of eliminations and entry into the "Royal Rumble" match.

Order of elimination:

  1. Damien Sandow
  2. Kane
  3. Alexander Rusev
  4. R-Truth
  5. Jimmy Uso
  6. Jack Swagger
  7. Kofi Kingston
  8. Dolph Ziggler
  9. Kevin Nash
  10. The Great Khali
  11. Cody Rhodes
  12. Goldust
  13. Fandango
  14. El Torito
  15. JBL
  16. The Miz
  17. Jey Uso
  18. Erick Rowan
  19. Ryback
  20. Alberto Del Rio
  21. Big E Langston
  22. Rey Mysterio
  23. Luke Harper
  24. Antonio Cesaro
  25. Seth Rollins
  26. Dean Ambrose
  27. CM Punk
  28. Sheamus
  29. Roman Reigns

Order of entry:

  1. CM Punk
  2. Seth Rollins
  3. Damien Sandow
  4. Cody Rhodes
  5. Kane
  6. Alexander Rusev
  7. Jack Swagger
  8. Kofi Kingston
  9. Jimmy Uso
  10. Goldust
  11. Dean Ambrose
  12. Dolph Ziggler
  13. R-Truth
  14. Kevin Nash
  15. Roman Reigns
  16. The Great Khali
  17. Sheamus
  18. The Miz
  19. Fandango
  20. El Torito
  21. Antonio Cesaro
  22. Luke Harper
  23. Jey Uso
  24. John Bradshaw Layfield
  25. Erick Rowan
  26. Ryback
  27. Alberto Del Rio
  28. Batista
  29. Big E Langston
  30. Rey Mysterio

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