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WWE 'Royal Rumble' aftermath: Superstars respond to crowd response

WWE Royal Rumble aftermath
WWE Royal Rumble aftermath

The WWE held their "Royal Rumble" pay-per-view, and the event that usually has fans excited with the results ended up with the fans in attendance booing and angry and Twitter filled with complaints about the outcome. According to PWS on Jan. 27, even Rumble winner Batista was angry and upset some company officials with his response after the show.

The problem is that the WWE teased fans with a Daniel Bryan WWE title run at "Summerslam" last August, but they pulled the rug out from under him. For the next three pay-per-views, they continued to screw over Bryan in the matches and the fans began to rebel. After that, the WWE chose to remove Bryan from the title picture and put John Cena and Randy Orton in it.

The fans remained on Bryan's side and have been turning on both Orton and Cena ever since. It came to a head last night at the "Royal Rumble." Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt fought in the opening match and put in the best match of the night. The fans were ecstatic, even with Bryan losing.

However, the fans quickly turned on Orton and Cena, letting their voices be heard. According to PWS, there was a moment in the match where one fan at ringside heard Orton called it the "worst crowd ever," which saw Bryan respond by telling him not to worry about it. Despite that, Orton was reportedly very angry backstage.

It got worse in the Royal Rumble match. Though he was not advertised, fans expected Daniel Bryan to be a surprise entrant. Starting with the 19th entry, fans started cheering for Bryan. When the 30th and final entry was Rey Mysterio, the fans all started booing him. When Batista won the Rumble by eliminating Roman Reigns, the fans turned on the returning star.

When Batista grew tired of the abuse, he started yelling at fans and even flipped some off. Batista then went to the ramp, and to top things off, he started taunting the fans by doing the Daniel Bryan "Yes" chant at them. That is what angered some WWE officials.

After the show, some superstars even went to Twitter to complain. Hurricane Helms said the WWE doesn't seem to be paying attention to what the fans want and Armando Estrada said he can't believe how the WWE ignores its own customers.

WWE Hall of Fame legend Mick Foley was even more adamant. He said that if Daniel Bryan was not in the Rumble match he would throw a brick through his television. He went on to say that he would do it and that TMZ offered to come film him as he threw the brick. He then said that he feels sometimes that the WWE hates their own audience.

"WWE Monday Night Raw" tonight will be an interesting one, especially as far as the crowd response is concerned.

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