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WWE Royal Rumble '14 results - Royal Rumble match

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed The New Age Outlaws about their earlier Tag Title victory.

The Royal Rumble Match

Before the match, the eight of us in the room drew numbers for a little Royal Rumble drawing. This will be fun for the casual fans in the room. For the record I drew #1, #10, #19 and #27.

They showed old school video promos for entrants like The Miz, The Usos, Big E Langston, Fandango, Batista, Damian Sandow, Ryback and Rey Mysterio.

They then went back to the live panel with Matthews, Duggan, Flair and Michaels, who made their picks.

Here we go…

Not surprisingly CM Punk drew number one as announced by Kane earlier in the week. Seth Rollins of The Shield drew #2. The two “indy gods” had a nice little battle and traded kicks. Three was Damian Sandow. The trio went back and forth until Cody Rhodes showed up. Rhodes went after his old enemy Sandow quickly. Punk backdropped out Sandow for the first elimination. Kane drew number five, wearing his corporate gear. Kane went for the chokeslam but Punk kicked him in the head and tossed him.

Alexander Rusev from NXT drew #6. He took out Rollins and Rhodes with power moves and dominated the room. Out comes Jack Swagger at #7. He and Rusev traded shots as the ring filled up. Kofi Kingston flew into the ring with high energy moves. Cody with a Disaster Kick on Swagger. It was full of random brawling until Jimmy Uso showed up. It was continued random brawling. Goldust drew #10.

Everyone in the ring then piled up and did the “Earthquake elimination spot” to get rid of Rusev. Kofi got thrown out but got caught by Rusev. Rusev set him on the guardrail as he was pushed way from ringside. Kofi then did a sick Spider-man jump from the guardrail to the ring apron. Kofi made it back in for the awesome spot. Kofi is just great at those spots.

Dean Ambrose got #11 and Dolph Ziggler got #12. Good to see Ziggler back. Truth got lucky #13 and got dumped in seconds. Uso then got tossed by The Shield I believe. Swagger then pushed Kofi out, but Kofi held on by his feet under the ropes, with his hands on the ground in another great near elimination spot. KEVIN NASH came out as #14 to a huge pop all around. He dumped Swagger immediately.

The halfway man is Roman Reigns. All there Shield members are now in. Reigns tossed Kofi off a crossbody attempt. He speared Ziggler and tossed him. He then low bridged Nash and dumped him. He’s getting the Diesel push alright. Speaking of which, here is Great Khali. He went right after The Shield. Reigns with the Superman punch and all three Shield members dumped him.

Goldust eliminated his baby brother Cody and then Reigns tossed Goldust. Sheamus came out at #17, fresh from injury. It’s down to Sheamus, Punk and all three members of The Shield. Sheamus with clobbering shots on Ambrose. Sheamus cleaned house. The Miz got #18. It’s now three-on-three. Fandango got #19. This won’t last long. The crowd loved him. He went right after his rival The Miz. At #20 is El Torito, who were presented by Los Matadores. The crowd loved him. This is your comedy portion of the night. Torito eliminated Fandango with a missle dropkick. Roman tossed Torito onto Fandango. There ends your comedy portion of the night.

Antonio Cesaro is #21. Miz got the Giant Swing. Cesaro shined on The Shield. Then Rollins got a great Giant Swing, complete with full rotations. Luke Harper got #22. Ambrose and Sheamus fought in the corner. Jey Uso got #23. John “Bradshaw” Layfield came off the commentating stand for #24. He wore his suit in the ring. He handed his sport coat to Michael Cole and then got tossed by Reigns. JBL went right back to commentary. I love it. Erick Rowan got #25. Miz and Rowan had a great exchange until Rowan tossed him. Rowan then went to Uso. Harper booted Uso out.

Ryback drew #26. I would like to point out the host of the party drew Khali, an Uso, Torito and JBL in the random number draw. Worst. Luck. Ever. Alberto Del Rio got lucky #27. It won’t be lucky this year. Out next at #28 as Batista. He is certainly the odds on favorite. He tossed Rowan right away. Batista and Ryback had the monster face off. Batista then backdropped out Ryback. Del Rio attacked Batista, but Batista electric chaired Del Rio out. Big E Langston got #29. He threw around Batista and Sheamus. He’s playing with the big boys. The final spot is Rey Mysterio.

WOW. The crowd just deflated. The Daniel Bryan chants started quickly. Mysterio and Punk did the elimination tease spot. Sheamus and Langston brawled and Sheamus clotheslined Langston out. Rollins kicked out Mysterio after a 619 spot. The Shield is alive with Harper, Punk, Batista and Cesaro. Reigns Superman punched Harper out. Then after a tussle, Reigns tossed Rollins, Ambrose and Cesaro in a big pile.

Punk with a GTS on Reigns. Kane then showed up and pulled Punk out. Kane and Punk brawled. Kane then chokeslammed Punk through the Spanish Announce Table.

It’s down to three – Batista, Reigns and Batista. It’s a power battle now as the crowd chanted “No!” They chanted “No” along with Sheamus’ taunt and booed the entire thing. Reigns speared Sheamus out after a backdrop attempt by Batista.

Down to two. The crowd now has turned to chanting “Roman Reigns.” They are not liking Batista winning. Batista with the taunt but got speared by Reigns. Reigns picked Batista up but got tossed out.

WINNER – Batista

Post-match, they showed highlights and announced Reigns now has the most eliminations ever in one match, with twelve. The crowd was clearly not happy about Daniel Bryan not being included in the Rumble match.

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