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WWE Royal Rumble '14 results - Bryan versus Wyatt

WWE Royal Rumble '14 - Bryan versus Wyatt
WWE Royal Rumble '14 - Bryan versus Wyatt
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Welcome to live Royal Rumble coverage here on Examiner.

Tonight’s show is live from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania.

Live on the pre-show kickoff, The New Age Outlaws (The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) beat Goldust & Cody Rhodes to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

The show opened with a great video package “About the Numbers.” They followed that up with a great video package hyping up the Rumble match and its participants.

I am live in a fraternity brother’s house full of casual fans at best. This is going to provide for some great atmosphere.

Before the match, they showed a great video package hyping up the rivalry between the two men.

Daniel Bryan v. Bray Wyatt (with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan)

The match started with Wyatt in control. Bryan rebounded quick with knees. Wyatt came back and Bryan dives through the ropes onto Harper. On the outside, Wyatt sent Harper and Rowan to the back. Bryan then came off the top with a crossbody onto Wyatt on the floor.

Back in the ring, Bryna took over with kicks. Bryan went up to the top and Wyatt knocked him off the top with an elbow. On the outside, Wyatt charged Bryan but missed and hit knees first into the ring steps. Bryan clipped Wyatt in the leg as he was re-entering the ring.

In the ring Bryan took over with kicks and strikes. Bryan with a dragon screw legwhip. Bryan locked in a deathlock and turned it into a curbstomp. Wyatt back up with a headbutt. Bryan back and trapped Wyatt in the corner and worked the leg some more. The two men fought over a suplex with Wyatt on the apron. With both men on the apron, the two men traded blows until Wyatt dropped down to the floor yanking Bryan down by his arm.

Wyatt threw Bryan back in the ring and then hit a suplex/slam combo to buy some time. Wyatt slowed things down with a chinlock. Back up, Bryan charged at Wyatt but got sidestepped and sent over the top rope. Wyatt posted Bryan’s head against the post and laid in some damage. Still on the outside, Wyatt hit a running senton.

Back in Wyatt took control and slowed things down with a chinlock. Wyatt hit a version of a standing uranage. Wyatt then did his reverse crab walk for a psych out and kept control. Wyatt missed an elbow. Bryan regained control with kicks and drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. Kicks led to a top rope Frankensteiner for two. Bryan missed a top rope moonsault press and landed on his feet. They ran the ropes and Wyatt got two off a back elbow.

Wyatt charged Bryan and Bryan pulled the rope down. Bryan then came off the ropes with a tornado DDT. On the outside the two men brawl. Back in Bryan came in with a top rope missle dropkick. Bryan with kicks and a two count. Bryan with two running kicks to the corner on Wyatt. He tried a third but Wyatt turned him inside out with a wicked clothesline. Wyatt got two. Wyatt looked for Sister Abigail but Bryan got two off a roll up.

Bryan locked in the Yes Lock. Bryan broke the hold when Wyatt bit him. Wyatt looked for a superplex but Bryan knocked him down with a headbutt. Bryan with a top rope splash. Bryan riled the crowd up but Wyatt went to the outside. Bryan went for a suicide dive but Wyatt intercepted him and dropped him outside with Sister Abigail. Back in Wyatt pinned Daniel Bryan after hitting Sister Abigail.

WINNER – Bray Wyatt

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Paul Heyman about Brock Lesnar’s bout with The Big Show.

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