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WWE releases explained, more cuts might be coming soon

The WWE released nine wrestlers, a referee and a long-time on-screen character last week and PWS reported on Sunday that the WWE releases may not be finished yet. According to the site, there is a good chance more names will be announced today. They also reported on why some of the wrestlers were released last week.

Brodus Clay WWE releases
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images
Brodus Clay, WWE
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The names released were Evan Bourne, Brodus Clay, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, Curt Hawkins, Aksana, Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, Camacho, Teddy Long and Marc Harris. Some of the released names were no surprise, but a few of those wrestlers have been active recently. Of course, the main reason they were released was because the WWE has taken a beating at the stock market and the WWE Network is expected to take a loss in its first year of existence.

McIntyre and Mahal have been promoted on both of the WWE’s last two pay-per-view events. The matches included little people wrestlers El Torito and Hornswoggle, but it was the main wrestlers interfering who pulled off the huge inspired moves. With them on “WWE Monday Night Raw” every week, it seems surprising to see them cut.

Brodus Clay, Curt Hawkins and Camacho have been active in WWE NXT recently. As a matter of fact, Clay had a new gimmick where he was fighting for respect and actually got a NXT title shot last month. The word is that the WWE creative had given up on his character. This makes sense because they are who destroyed his character to begin with by making him a dancing comedy character on “Raw.” Camacho and Hawkins were just cost cutting cuts.

Yoshi Tatsu, who has also been featured on NXT, was cut because of his skill set. The WWE rumors on his cut were that he was regressing in the ring and was not as promising as before. As a result, his cut was more due to the WWE giving up on him. That is also true with Evan Bourne, except his problems rested in his constant injury problems. He has been out of action for a long time after his most recent injury.

Teddy Long was not cut, as his contract expired and the WWE chose to just not re-sign him. Rumor had it that Long was ready to move on anyway. Marc Harris might have been released because he went on a Twitter rant recently against a former WWE referee, something the WWE frowns on. There is no word on who might be the next on the chopping block for the WWE releases.

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