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WWE RAW preview 3/3/2014: Batista as heel, Daniel Bryan and Triple H update

Anthony Benigno of has released WWE’s Five Point Preview for tonight’s episode of WWE RAW, and although the Twitterverse is abuzz with news of CM Punk’s return and the emergence of Chicago’s “Hijack RAW” movement, the WWE’s official preview understandably refuses to comment on either topic.

Expect an incredible confrontation as The Shield collides with The Wyatt Family tonight on RAW.

Arguably the most interesting aspect of this preview is the virtual admission by WWE that Batista has, for all intents and purposes, turned heel. The article notes that “Batista doesn’t like (the WWE Universe) much” and states openly that Batista’s goal is to defeat “every favorite of the WWE universe” who stands in his way.

With this being the case, the main event for Wrestlemania XXX seemingly must be changed. A heel vs heel title match on the “Grandest Stage of Them All” seems completely out of the question. While the door is open for Orton to attempt a change of alignment, a more likely scenario would be to add a third to the title match, likely either Daniel Bryan or CM Punk. Apparently just made official, Daniel Bryan will take on Batista in a match tonight. Will CM Punk be involved?

Regardless of what the case may be at Wrestlemania, this is definitely a much needed change in direction for Batista, who has been vocally rejected by WWE fans since his return. It may be easier to make him more hated than Orton at this point than to try to bring him all the way to the level of being loved and embraced by the WWE Universe.

Also of interest is the phrasing of Daniel Bryan’s preview, as Benigno notes that Daniel Bryan “can’t have the WWE World Heavyweight Championship just yet” but that he may be able to get a chance at Triple H. While the build to Daniel Bryan’s redemption since Summerslam has been somewhat sloppy and excruciatingly slow, there is hope in statements like this that there will, in fact, be some sort of redemption.

Provided, of course, that Triple H doesn’t feel inclined to go over one of WWE’s top stars for some terrible reason.

All in all, the preview does not do as much to sell tonight’s RAW as all of the events surrounding this episode do. Between CM Punk’s likely return and the Chicago plan to take over the event, tonight’s RAW seems like a can’t-miss event.

What are you most looking forward to tonight? Will CM Punk show, or is he really gone for good? Tell me what you think on Twitter, @midcardmanifesto!

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