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WWE RAW: CM Punk does not return, The Authority stands tall

WWE RAW: No CM Punk return, The Authority stands tall
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Monday's episode of RAW had all the makings of something special. Unfortunately, the show failed to deliver on the one thing the live crowd wanted the most, CM Punk. Instead, WWE teased and mocked the fans as they belittled the situation at hand. And at the end of RAW, the same powers that angered Punk into leaving the WWE, stood tall. HHH, Kane and Stephanie McMahon (The Authority) stood over a fallen Daniel Bryan as RAW went off the air. Bryan had suffered a Batista-bomb and a pedigree by HHH. According to a March 3 report by, John Cena and The Big Show came out to save Bryan from a continued attack by HHH, Kane and Randy Orton after RAW went off the air.

Throughout the entire episode of RAW, the live fans in Chicago wanted to see their hometown hero CM Punk return. Over the last few days, fans even created a small buzz as they declared to hijack RAW if Punk didn't show. Although the live fans of Chicago were very vocal at times, the WWE handled the situation very well. In fact, they even turned the "hijack RAW" movement into part of the on-air storyline.

What adds to the disappointment of Punk not showing, was that there were reports over the weekend by credible sources that Punk would appear on RAW. In fact, these same reports practically guaranteed that Punk would be there. Unfortunately for the fans who believed in the reports, they ended up sitting through 3 hours of frustrating television programming as the self-proclaimed "best in the world" did not appear.

Ultimately, Punk not showing up on RAW from his hometown, is an ominous sign that his days in the WWE are over. You never say "never" in this business, but all signs point to Punk riding out his expiring contract by sitting at home.

What do you readers think about CM Punk not appearing on RAW?

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