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WWE pitches 8 new reality TV show ideas for the WWE Network

According to a report posted yesterday by Wrestlezone, WWE sent out a survey to select fans online asking them their opinion for 8 different potential reality TV series for the company’s new WWE Network digital video service. WWE Network launched last month and is available to subscribers over the internet on many different media devices.

WWE Network launch event at CES 2014
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Below is a detailed look at this potential reality shows and what they are about. Note that at this time none of these shows have been ‘greenlit’ to be produced yet for the WWE Network, and this survey was simply way to gauge interest in these concepts.

Blackman’s Bounties: This show would follow former WWE wrestler ‘the Lethal Weapon’ Steve Blackman as he hunts down criminals in his new career as a bounty hunter.

NXT Behind the Scenes: Showing shades of ‘Tough Enough’, this show would covering asipring WWE talents in the NXT developmental system in Florida, who working their up the ladder in the WWE Performance Center. NXT is brimming with so much hot talent right now in soon-to-breakout stars like Sami Zayn, NXT Women’s Champion Paige, and NXT Champion Adrian Neville that this show could really help shed new light on the road to the main roster that fans do not get to see. WWE NXT currently airs an in-ring show on Thursdays at 7pm C on the WWE Network.

WWE Pros vs. Joes: Not an original idea just a take on the Spike TV series which pit pro athletes against regular ‘joes’. This show would likely do the same, but posisbly see the sides compete in less athletically-focused competitions.

WWE Dirty Jobs: It’s simply a WWE spin on the Discovery Channel series where host Mike Roe would go dabble in disgusting and challenging jobs like cleaning up garbage and dealing with gross animals. Just a TV show where Fandango and Summer Rae have to clean out a horse stable, and you pretty much have an idea of what this show is.

WWE Prankdown: WWE stars always mention ‘ribbing’ each other with pranks, which is a cherished tradition in wrestling culture so it’s an easy idea for a TV show. An example in the survey given to fans had John Cena and Randy Orton fighting in a car dealership over a car, pranking an unsuspecting ‘superfan’ involved.

WWE Rescue: Yet another non-original concept sees WWE stars and divas doing their own help-out show like Nanny 911, where they help needy fans with their personal problems.

WWE Ultimate Challenge: This is WWE’s Amazing Race with fans competing in 12 hour scavenger hunts in different cities.

Xtreme WWE Collector: "Super fan Michael Patterson" stars in this collectible show where he goes on a quests to find rare WWE toys and memorabilia.

WWE Around the World: WWE stars doing wild stunts in exotic locales and taking different parts of the world.

Pro Wrestling Examiner’s Perspective: The Blackman Bounties and Prankdown concepts sound like the most intriguing of this bunch. Though the WWE take on other established reality shows presented in this list could be interesting, they just come off as unoriginal and might not have any legs to them after the first episode. With the untraditional platform of the WWE Network as both a live-streaming channel and an on-demand library, WWE could easily produce pilot episodes for these shows, let fans check them out, and vote on which shows they want to see more of. This Examiner is hoping to see Steve Blackman hunt down convicts with nun-chucks in hand.

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