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WWE 'Payback' results, recap: Believe in The Shield

Could The Shield eliminate Evolution?
Could The Shield eliminate Evolution?

On the evening of Sunday, June 1, 2014, WWE officially kicked off the summer with its "Payback" pay-per-view, and there were a number of scores to be settled. Most PPVs are no longer available on television, and are only able to be viewed on the WWE Network, and the monthly price was well worth the cost for the action that came through on this night.

Below is a full recap of WWE "Payback" so if you haven't seen it yet or don't want to know the results, stop reading now.

~ The pre-show for "Payback saw El Torito defeat Hornswoggle in a "mask vs. hair match," and that cost the former "leprechaun" his hair. This was a pretty good match to open the show and it ended with Torito hit a springboard moonsault for the win and then shaved Hornswoggle's head.

~ Sheamus defeated Cesaro with a small package to retain the United States title. Cesaro's power is absolutely ridiculous, and it was shown in this match as at times, he simply tossed Sheamus around like a ragdoll. Sheamus owned the first couple minutes, but Cesaro dominated more than half of the match.

If you haven't seen the match, check it out for a few moves such as Cesaro doing a superplex to Sheamus, who was on the apron. Also, Cesaro nailing Sheamus with a reverse torture rack slam that was really cool. The Celtic Warrior got lucky.

~ Rybaxel defeated The Brotherhood in a pretty good tag match that was added at last minute. After Cody Rhodes was pinned, he grabbed a mic and told Goldust that he needs a better tag team partner than him. That was a weird break-up.

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~ Rusev defeated Big E after forcing the big man to submit to the Accolade. This wasn't a bad match, and it included Big E launching himself through the ropes and nailing Rusev with a dive to the outside. Back in the ring, Rusev delivered a huge superkick and got the submission win.

~ Bo Dallas and Kofi Kingston got a match for some reason, but it never even really got going. Kane came out and destroyed Kofi with a chokeslam and tombstone before walking back out. Dallas gets in the ring and tells everyone to "BO-lieve" before shaking Kofi's hand as he lays knocked out.

~ Bad News Barrett retained the Intercontinental title by defeating RVD with the Bull Hammer elbow. This was a really good match that saw the usual array of moves from RVD and also a missed Five-Star Frogsplash. On the outisde, Barrett actually missed a Bull Hammer elbow and hit the ringpost. Once back inside though, he got the best of RVD and got the clean pin.\

~ Stephanie McMahon comes out to get the WWE Title from Daniel Bryan since he can't wrestle due to neck surgery. Daniel Bryan comes out with Brie Bella and Steph states that if he doesn't hand over the title, his wife will be fired. Mind you, huge chants for "CM Punk" are happening. Steph even says, "These people want you to quit just like CM Punk did."

When Steph goes to take Bryan's title, Brie steps in and says she won't be fired because she quits. Steph laughs and then gets slapped hard by Brie before running out.

~ In a match that truly needs to be seen to be believed, John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt in a "Last Man Standing" match. The Wyatt Family and the Usos interfered throughout the match, but they ended up taking out one another. This match was incredibly excellent and ended with Cena giving the AA to Wyatt off a platform and through a utility box, and then covering him with another for the 10-count.

There were a lot of tables involved here along with some chairs and the steel steps. Cena and Wyatt put on a brutal display that was fantastic.

~ Crazy Alicia Fox put up a good fight, but she wasn't able to wrestle the WWE Diva's Title away from Paige, who continues to dominate. It was a good match, but following the Cena/Wyatt brawl wasn't really fair.

~ The main event six-man elimination tag match between Evolution and The Shield was an excellent way to cap off the night. It all came down to Triple H sizing up Reigns with a sledgehammer, knocking out Dean Ambrose, and then Seth Rollins nailing Triple H in the head with a flying knee. Reigns speared Triple H and pinned him for the win.

For about 20 minutes, all six men just took it to each other from one end of the arena to the other. There were spears, RKOs, sledgehammers, kendo sticks, Seth Rollins jumping off the marquee, Roman Reigns getting caned, and so much more.

Yes, all of Evolution was eliminated and not a single member of The Shield was taken out.

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