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WWE Payback Preview!

Bray Wyatt
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WWE Payback PPV is this Sunday, June 1st on the WWE Network ( I will not plug it...or maybe I just did). This is what I like to call a “filler Pay Per View” and without a WWE Title match, let’s just hope we get through as painless as possible to set up ‘Money In the Bank’ on June 29th. So let’s jump into the card and predictions!

Pre-show match Hornswoggle vs El Torito in a ‘Hair vs Mask’ match. I criticized these two the last pay per view and it turned out to be quite entertaining so I will do it again! I have no interest in this and I think this takes up way too much TV time. Don’t they have Main Event and other Network only shows for this? I say El Torito wins and we get a bald Horsnwoggle.

Divas Title-- Champion Paige vs Alicia Fox! Alicia Fox has been going crazy lately (which is entertaining) and even picking up a win over the Champ in the her own country. But I do love Paige so I would hope to see her retain the title.

US Title-- Champion Sheamus vs Cesaro. Cesaro is on a hot streak so what do the bookers do…set up a rivalry for the US title. (I’m scratching my head here also). Sheamus is the champ and is expected to make a heel turn soon (if you believe the stories online but it’s better not to *day 312 of the Sting Contract watch*) so losing the title may help that but Cesaro doesn’t need the US title again. I expect Cesaro to win this to continue to be hot with the best manager in the world (Ladies and Gentleman, Paul Heyman)!

Intercontinental Title-- Champion Wade Barrett (who I love) vs Rob Van Dam (who I love). I would book this match to be the replacement WWE World Title match but as you can see I am very biased. Wade Barrett isn’t quite to that main event level, but going over RVD will help him get there. RVD has made a believer of me of the ‘part-time’ wrestlers as he comes back, puts on good matches with new talent and most importantly: Gets them Over! I pick Wade Barrett but I wouldn’t mind seeing RVD have a run with a title (not my first pick of title for him but its 2nd best).

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt-- It is the rubber match between these two guys and it is in a Last Man Standing Match! Usually John Cena steps up and knocks these matches out of the park and I expect this one to do the same. Bray Wyatt should go over here BUT what should happen is rarely ever does. Either way, I’m picking this match to steal the show (unless they put a Fandango vs Adam Rose match last minute) and to knock one of their other matches out of my Top 5 Matches of 2014! And if John Cena gets lost, he can Follow the Buzzards!

Shield vs Evolution-- In a no holds barred elimination match, the Shield will be taking on Evolution in what will hopefully end this feud. I am not a fan of HHH (him putting himself over the last few years has made this dislike increase) and the only member of Evolution that has any quality is Randall, but I want the Shield freed up. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns will all be future WWE Champions (looks like Reigns will be first) so I would like them all available for a very interesting Money In the Bank PPV. This should be a solid PPV and it comes in with the Network so what a deal! Stay Classy!

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