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WWE Payback main event up for grabs as Batista refuses to lose to Daniel Bryan

According to a May 5 report from Rant Sports, Batista is not interested in losing to Daniel Bryan in the main event of the WWE's upcoming Payback special event, so he might not be part of the headlining bout at all. WWE head honcho Vince McMahon reportedly wants Bryan to pin Batista in the main event of Payback, before the standout striker goes into hiatus to promote his new film, “Guardians of the Galaxy."

Batista may be on his way out of the WWE
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Batista's movie hits theaters on Aug. 1, so he's expected to take some time off from the WWE to do some promo work for the film. Since Batista was already expected to be leaving the WWE for an extended period of time, the promotion was hoping to push Bryan over the top by scripting the bearded one to win by pinfall at Payback. Batista apparently is not interested in going forward with that script.

Batista came back to the WWE because he was promised a major push by the promotion. The WWE made good on their promise by scripting him to win the Royal Rumble, but WWE Universe let their voices heard that Batista would not return as a babyface. Batista gets roundly booed at every WWE house show, and he was booed when he won Royal Rumble. With that said, the WWE had no choice but to rewrite the script to make Batista into a villain.

"The Animal" also reportedly isn't thrilled about the financial compensation he's receiving from the WWE right now. Since Batista isn't interested in putting Bryan over at Payback, its looking like the WWE will do another matchup between The Shield and Evolution. As for Bryan, he's now slated to take on Kane in a Buried Alive match.

Batista is expected to stay with the WWE until at least the first week of June, which would leave him plenty of time to get set for a promotional tour to hype "Guardians of the Galaxy." Let's face it: Batista's return to the WWE has been an absolute bust. The WWE may have made some promises to Batista to get him back into the fold, but he can't be shocked at the promotion not wanting him to win at Payback since he is so despised by fans.

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