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WWE Payback 2014 results

According to a June 1 post from Bleacher Report, tonight's WWE Payback event from Chicago's Allstate Arena has a great deal of historical significance for several of the combatants on the bill. WWE Payback is all about revenge, but its also about building superstars. Sure the card features stars such as John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton, who are already household names.

WWE Payback is set for Chicago
Courtesy of WWE/Promo photo

However, its the mid-card wrestlers that have a chance to sink or swim tonight at WWE Payback, and that's what makes the event so interesting. Rusev has been getting a major push from the WWE lately, so all eyes will be on his bout with Big E, the former WWE Intercontinental champ. If Rusev turns in a crisp performance, it'll certainly elevate his status and keep him in the hunt for a future shot on a bigger WWE special event.

A lousy match between Rusev and Big E will possibly prevent both men from getting a shot on a Wrestlemania card or a main billing at WWE SummerSlam. Speaking of mid-tier athletes who have been getting a push of late, Bad News Barrett and Rob Van Dam both have a chance to get over with the fans in a fight for the Intercontinental Championship belt. Barrett's "bad news" gimmick is completely over with the fans, but his wrestling lags behind a bit.

Barrett will be looking to do some damage tonight, but Van Dam is a former champion who is hungry to get his belt back. Elsewhere, Alicia Fox recently defeated Paige to become the new WWE Diva's champ. If she continues her winning ways at WWE Payback, it'll keep her rolling until former champ A.J. Lee returns to the fold. In all likelihood, the WWE wants to build up Fox to hype a potential feud with Lee.

Additionally, WWE Payback will provide Bray Wyatt with the opportunity to become a household name. The WWE held up its end of the bargain by scripting Wyatt to feud with John Cena, their top babyface. Since Wyatt has been feuding with Cena for four months, its apparent that he is their top heel. WWE fans see the Wyatt vs Cena feud as a bit of a disaster, being that their match at WWE Extreme Rules was rather forgettable.

Wyatt and Cena want to leave a good final impression on WWE fans, to cap off their feud. To do so, they'll need to work together for a crisp match at WWE Payback. Also on the card, The Shield will get another crack at Evolution, in what is yet another retread from last month's Extreme Rules special event. Even though its a rematch, The Shield vs. Evolution features six of the WWE's most talented superstars, so it should be a dandy.

Also on the bill, Sheamus takes on Cesaro and El Torito battles Hornswoggle. WWE Payback goes live at 8 p.m. in the east, on the WWE Network and also at some official "WWE Blast Areas" located across the country. With so many titles on the line, WWE Payback is an event that shouldn't be missed.

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