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WWE ‘NXT Takeover’ to air live on the WWE Network

NXT Takeover to air live on the WWE Network
NXT Takeover to air live on the WWE Network
Photo Courtesy of WWE Media Relations

The WWE sent out a press release on Thursday announcing the next big live NXT Wrestling event. The event will be called “NXT Takeover” and will be the second live NXT show to stream on the WWE Network. The first live NXT show to stream on the network was “NXT Arrival,” which aired the week the WWE Network launched.

The first live streaming NXT show, “NXT Arrival,” was the introduction to NXT for many wrestling fans that discovered them through signing up for the WWE Network. While the show had aired on the Internet prior to the launch of the WWE Network, it was still the WWE’s way of introducing the fans to this new brand. NXT kicked off with a huge moment, as Adrian Neville beat long-time NXT Champion Bo Dallas to win the NXT Championship.

Adrian Neville is the fourth man to hold the title, following Seth Rollins, Big E Langston and Bo Dallas. Both Rollins and Big E are now in the WWE and Bo Dallas has received a lot of promos leading up to his call-up as well. Paige, the NXT Women’s Champion, has also been called up and the NXT tag team champions, Ascension, are rumored to be coming up as well.

That makes NXT Wrestling a very interesting show to follow, since the future stars of the WWE are wrestling there now. The Wyatt Family, all three members of The Shield, Damien Sandow, Fandango and Cesaro all started out in the NXT promotion. That also makes the title “NXT Takeover” interesting, as it seems like the WWE has started a youth movement since “Wrestlemania 30.”

WWE “NXT Takeover” will air on Thursday, May 29, at 8 p.m. EST on the WWE Network. It will be a special two-hour broadcast, which will also have a 30 minute pre-show which will include interviews with NXT stars, WWE stars and some legends. According to the press release, “WWE Takeover” will be much like “WWE Arrival” and feature regular NXT matches as well as WWE stars showing up to take on the brightest of the NXT stars.