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WWE news: WWE won’t approve talent to appear on Jim Ross podcast

WWE won’t approve talent to appear on Jim Ross podcast
WWE won’t approve talent to appear on Jim Ross podcast
Photo from Twitter

Jim Ross has built his podcast, “The Ross Report,” into one of the best professional wrestling podcasts going today. His show is regularly ranked as one of the most listened to podcasts on iTunes and he has had a ton of the biggest stars in professional wrestling on his show. However, a fan asked Jim Ross on Twitter on Monday if he planned to have Ric Flair on the show and Ross said he couldn’t because the WWE haven’t approved any guests on his show.

Ross emphasized that the WWE has not banned their talent from appearing on “The Ross Report,” but they haven’t approved anyone to appear with him. It sounds like the relationship between Jim Ross and the WWE is still not on golden terms, and this makes it look like current WWE stars won’t be talking to Ross on his show anytime soon.

However, that means little because “The Ross Report” has some of the best guests that any professional wrestling fan could wish for. He has spoken to Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Lance Storm, UFC star Ronda Rousey, Ted DiBiase, Eric Bischoff, Bill Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Diamond Dallas Page, Mick Foley and many more. While he isn’t speaking to current WWE stars, he has spoken to legends and Hall of Fame stars and continues to rock his podcast with the best of the best.

Jim Ross is one of many wrestling stars to take their talents to the world of podcasting. Stone Cold Steve Austin has “The Steve Austin Show” and he does have access to WWE stars, interviewing Paul Heyman on his most recent episode. He has also interviewed legends like Vader, Dusty Rhodes and more. Chris Jericho also has a very popular podcast, which he splits between talk of wrestling and music.