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WWE news: WWE offering financial and educational help for talent

WWE offering financial and educational assistance for talent
WWE offering financial and educational assistance for talent
Photo from WWE Twitter

The WWE has always gone out of the way to help former talents who have fallen on hard times. Unless the former talent has burned bridges or wasted numerous offers of help from the WWE in the past, the company seems more than willing to help wrestlers who need help. According to PWS on Saturday, the WWE is starting a brand new incentive to help former WWE talents if they need assistance.

While much of the help in the past went to things like drug rehab programs and rehab centers, this one is more in tune with helping wrestlers move on after their in-ring careers have ended. The program is the Professional Development Program and will provide support and guidance for wrestlers after their in-ring career ends. The main focus is financial education and continuing education.

A letter went out to all wrestlers and talent under contracts that will partner them up with Money Management International, a non-profit organization who will work with the WWE to help provide financial education, hopefully helping wrestlers leave the world of wrestling with a strong financial future.

For former talent, the WWE is offering a scholarship of up to $5,000 a year to help them work towards a college degree or certificate program to help them move into their post-wrestling career. Anyone wanting one of these scholarships has to apply before the Aug. 1 deadline for the 2014 award and there are three annual scholarships to apply for.

The WWE has also worked hard over the years to provide assistance to former talent who suffers from alcohol and drug dependency. Scott Hall, Jake Roberts, Sunny and more have taken up the WWE on this offer for assistance when it comes to rehabilitation help. Roberts and Hall have now been clean for over a year and were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

There will also be an “alumni newsletter” that the WWE will send out quarterly that will keep the former WWE talent updated on these incentives. It will include the scholarships, wellness plans, news and developmental programs. It is just another step where the WWE is doing what they can to help their former talents.

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