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WWE news: WWE not interested in signing Bully Ray

WWE news: WWE not interested in signing Bully Ray
WWE news: WWE not interested in signing Bully Ray
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The TNA Impact Wrestling contract of Bully Ray expired last week and he held a meeting with talent to say that he was leaving the company. The reason for his departure is that he couldn’t come up with a fair deal for a new contract. This is the same reason that men like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Chris Saban and Kazarian left the company. Wrestle Zone reported on Thursday that, despite his continued excellent work in the ring, the WWE has no interest in signing Bully Ray.

There are a couple of problems working against Bully Ray right now. One problem is his age. The WWE has developed a push to only sign stars under the age of 30 and build them within their system rather than bring back established stars that are older. This makes sense for the future of the WWE but means that fans won’t get a chance to see their favorite wrestlers from the past wrestling in the WWE except for in rare circumstances.

Bully Ray is 43 but he is still putting on quality matches and is better on the microphone than he has ever been before. He is really at the top of his game right now, but he won’t get a chance to return to the WWE despite being one of the best tag team wrestlers in the company’s history. Even if the WWE was hiring older wrestlers, there is a hiring freeze outside of special cases and a number of wrestlers, including Randy Orton, have problems with Bully Ray from the past.

TNA Impact Wrestling still plans to induct Bully Ray into their Hall of Fame this year, and word is that he will still return for that. However, with the amount of work Bully Ray has done on the creative side as well as in the ring, unless TNA Impact Wrestling ups their offer, Bully Ray might end up without a major wrestling home if the WWE holds their stance.