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WWE news: 'WWE Monday Night Raw' adds big match

WWE Monday Night Raw preview 03.03.14
WWE Monday Night Raw preview 03.03.14

The WWE made a big announcement today for tonight's "WWE Monday Night Raw" episode. According to on March 3, the WWE announced that Daniel Bryan will face Batista tonight in a huge match.

Last week on "WWE Monday Night Raw," Batista had a confrontation with Randy Orton where Orton made fun of him for the fans booing him despite the fact he returned as a face. Batista made comments that he stood by his fans and didn't care about the haters.

However, on "WWE Smackdown," Batista made a full heel turn. He came out and started ripping the crowd for booing him and then asked what happened to the WWE and wondered where all the "real men" have gone. That brought out Dolph Ziggler, who Batista challenged to a match.

Batista beat Dolph Ziggler in their match and then cut a promo where he said that he would beat all the WWE Universe's heroes on his way to "Wrestlemania 30." It looks like that will take its second step tonight as he fights the WWE's biggest hero - Daniel Bryan.

Of course, Bryan is on a crash course with Triple H. He challenged Triple H last week to a match at "Wrestlemania 30," a challenge that Triple H turned down. That caused Bryan to come to the ring and call him a coward.

One thought is that Triple H booked this match to put Daniel Bryan in his place, but if Bryan can get past Batista, what will Triple H have to say about his WWE "Wrestlemania 30" challenge?

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