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WWE news: WWE Hall of Fame legend says he will die in two years

WWE news: WWE Hall of Fame legend says he will die in two years
WWE news: WWE Hall of Fame legend says he will die in two years
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WWE Hall of Fame legend Superstar Billy Graham took to Facebook on Monday to go on a tirade against his former competitor Abdullah the Butcher. In a profanity laced rant, Graham reminded fans that Abdullah has allegedly spread Hepatitis C around to numerous wrestlers thanks to the blood shared among him and other wrestlers during his career. Graham then dropped a bombshell in his post when he said that the doctors told him that he has two years left to live thanks to the Hepatitis C that he says Abdullah passed on to him.

This isn’t the first time that Billy Graham has ripped into Abdullah the Butcher about this. When the WWE inducted Abdullah into the WWE Hall of Fame, Graham demanded that they remove him because he did not want to be part of a Hall of Fame that included Abdullah the Butcher. He has since tore into both the WWE and Abdullah on many occasions since that induction.

The claims that Billy Graham made against Abdullah the Butcher are not without merit. Abdullah was one of the first hardcore wrestlers in professional wrestling, often using anything form forks to blades to cut open opponents and his matches were usually bloody messes. In June, Devon Nicholson won a $2.1 million lawsuit against Abdullah the Butcher when he proved that Abdullah gave him Hepatitis C in a 2007 match.

Abdullah the Butcher had denied ever having Hepatitis C but it was proven that he was mistaken or lying thanks to the court case he lost. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Superstar Billy Graham says he is dying because Abdullah also gave him the disease, which can cause liver failure. It this is true, the legacy of Abdullah the Butcher is tarnished forever.