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WWE news: WWE fires Alberto Del Rio for slapping a reporter

WWE news: WWE fires Alberto Del Rio for slapping a reporter
WWE news: WWE fires Alberto Del Rio for slapping a reporter
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In some huge WWE news, the WWE has fired former world champion Alberto Del Rio for allegedly slapping a reporter at this week’s television tapings. According to PWS on Thursday, the WWE fired Del Rio after the wrestler exchanged words with another WWE employee and then the slap occurred. The news then came later that the employee was a reporter.

This news is very surprising. is not a news site with journalistic integrity and normally just publishes articles that the WWE wants to promote their storylines and some minor behind-the-scenes information. While names like Joey Styles works for the site, the editorial process of the site is almost 100 percent pro-WWE. What could have led the reporter and Del Rio to come to blows is anyone’s guess.

The original news broke when the WWE posted that they released Del Rio for “unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.” It wasn’t a big surprise and probably didn’t bother Del Rio that much because he planned on leaving when his contract was up anyway. However, there is also a chance that he will not be able to work anywhere with television access for 90 days.

Most WWE employees work under a contract that stipulates that they can’t appear anywhere else for a specific time. This is a 90-day no compete clause and counts for television shows, Internet events and the such. The interest is there at this time for Del Rio to move to TNA Impact Wrestling or return for the new AAA television show that will premiere in America on the El Ray Network.

If he has the 90-day no compete clause, he won’t be able to appear until November. Interestingly, with the way that TNA Impact Wrestling tapes their shows two months ahead of time, he could appear at the next television tapings, which won’t air until late October or early November anyway. In other WWE news, there are other sources for PWS who believe that there was something else leading up to the firing and this was the final nail in his coffin.