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WWE news: WWE denies Lana promo referred to Malaysia Airlines tragedy

WWE denies Lana promo referred to Malaysia Airlines tragedy
WWE denies Lana promo referred to Malaysia Airlines tragedy
Photo from WWE Twitter

At “WWE Battleground,” Lana and Rusev came out and cut the same anit-America speech they have been working at over the last three months. The match was against Jack Swagger, known as a Real American, and they simply spoke about Russia’s superiority over America to raise heat from the crowd. Interestingly, a number of websites have attacked the WWE on Monday, claiming that the WWE was using the Malaysian Airlines crash as an angle.

The strange thing about those complaints is that Lana has been cutting the same promos since the gimmick started. There was controversy when she started praising Vladimir Putin and showing his face on the Titan Tron, but it is all part of her evil Russian gimmick. The WWE has pulled off angles like this for years, with evil foreign characters in the 70s and even had the Iron Sheik win the world championship shortly after the Iran Hostage Crisis.

They also had the patriotic Sgt. Slaughter turn against America during the original Operation Desert Storm war with Iraq and take on their cause with an Iraqi manager. Sadly, over the years the political correct nature of society can’t differentiate between fact and fiction and have begun to slam the WWE for doing the same things that other TV shows do, by creating villains based on current trends. The character of Muhammad Hussain was one of the best in the WWE at one time and was written off TV because of complaints.

Now, sites such as The Washington Post, New York Daily News and The Daily Mail have accused the evil Russian gimmick of alluding to the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 tragedy, despite the angle starting long before that incident happened. During her promo, Lana said that America likes to blame Russia for recent current events, which all the sites took to mean that flight.

The WWE responded to the accusations later this afternoon. According to the WWE, the promo by Lana had nothing to do to with the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. The WWE then reminded everyone that the gimmick has been ongoing for three months now and apologized to anyone who misinterpreted the promo.