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WWE news: WWE blocks indie promotions from running against 'Wrestlemania'

WWE blocks indie wrestling shows from Wrestlemania 31 weekend
WWE blocks indie wrestling shows from Wrestlemania 31 weekend

The WWE has taken steps to make sure that no one can run major shows the weekend of "Wrestlemania 31" in San Francisco. According to PWInsider on Jan. 27, the WWE locked in a no-compete clause for all city owned facilities in the market as well as larger hotel chains.

This was probably part of the deal that helped San Francisco win "Wrestlemania 31" to begin with. Ring of Honor is one of the wrestling promotions who have always ran cards on Wrestlemania weekend in the same city as the WWE event. Ring of Honor usually holds their cards on Friday and Saturday and brings in a lot of WWE fans who want alternative action the days before they attend Wrestlemania.

This year's Ring of Honor Wrestling card is Supercard of Honor VIII on April 4 in New Orleans and a second show on April 5 in nearby Westwego.

From the sound of it, Ring of Honor Wrestling isn't the only company to be effected by this. Major conventions and other wrestling shows will not be able to take place that weekend in any city-owned facilities, and the remaining buildings would probably not be economically fiscal to run for many shows.

The conventions, that normally book hotel space, will be blocked out as well thanks to the no-compete clause. While these smaller shows will never hurt the WWE business on Wrestlemania weekend, the company seems intent on shutting out all competition.