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WWE news: Wrestler apologizes for accidentally exposing WWE secrets

Wrestler apologizes for accidentally exposing WWE secrets
Short Sleeve Sampson / Facebook

The pre-show match at “WWE Extreme Rules” featured El Torito battling Hornswoggle. The match also had little people are the ring announcer, referee and there were also three little person announcers posing as Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler. Before the “WWE Extreme Rules” show started, Short Sleeve Sampson posted a photo to his Facebook account that the WWE quickly ordered to be taken down.

On first glance, the photo was innocent enough, with Sampson smiling and pointing at the camera while JBL sat behind him at the regular announcer’s table reading. However, that is not what made the WWE angry. Behind JBL, it the front row of the stands, John Cena was talking to Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. They were planning out their match that took place later that night.

The WWE told Sampson to remove the photo and word is that they are angry at the way the photo pulled back the curtain. Sampson, to his credit, immediately took the photo down. Sampson then went to Facebook and apologized for the incident, saying he never meant to expose the business or break Kayfabe.

Of course, the WWE has recently made sure that people know that their professional wrestlers are entertainers. In their warnings before the WWE Network shows, they even mention the wrestlers are playing characters so they can show footage of men like Chris Benoit without restrictions. However, since the photo that showed sworn enemies working out their match, showed up online before a major pay-per-view event took place made the timing rough.

It is pretty obvious from the Short Sleeve Sampson photo that the wrestler was just focused on putting a pic of him up online from the event. He probably never even realized that John Cena and the Wyatt Family were in the background. However, it does show how hard the WWE goes to protect Kayfabe, especially before a major show.

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