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WWE news: 'Wrestlemania' main event match possibly changing

WWE considering Wrestlemania 30 changes
WWE considering Wrestlemania 30 changes

The card for "Wrestlemania 30" has been derided by many fans who have made it clear that they will not be happy without Daniel Bryan in the WWE World Championship match. According to Rajah on Feb. 28, the WWE might be listening to the fans because the main event might be changing.

According to reports, the latest internal memo for "Wrestlemania 30" reads "Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. ?" With that in mind, the only person that could possibly be added to the match is Daniel Bryan, but that doesn't mean the WWE will end op following through with it.

Over the last six months, fans have started to hijack shows and have been causing a disruption to let the WWE know who they want pushed and who they don't want pushed. This has caused, at times, for the WWE to push back and a battle has been raging between both sides.

Just this past week on "WWE Monday Night Raw," the WWE had numerous fans kicked out of the show for "disruptions." Now, a fan has sent out a message that he wants fellow Chicago fans to join him in hijacking the show next week.

Honestly, while the fans feel they can force their favorites to get big pushes by hijacking the shows, there is always the chance it could backfire and the WWE could work to de-push and punish stars like Daniel Bryan to prove a point.

For now, it sounds like Daniel Bryan might get the opportunity for the main event, but plans have been changing almost by the day since CM Punk quit the company.

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